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Intro: Geth Thomas

I was raised as a country bumpkin, originally from a small Welsh Hill Farm deep in the heart of North Wales. I was very fortunate to have been raised in a thriving Welsh community, and despite not necessarily appreciating it at the time, I was exposed to all those Welsh Traditions that have knitted us together as a culture over the centuries.

Our small holding, just at the end of the pale coloured field in this picture. We faced due North, and life was often bleak and isolated – yet beautiful in it’s own way.

My late father, Wil Gyrn, had been raised on this same small holding as a child himself, along with his brother Ifan, and his sister Phoebe.

One of the many important lessons he taught me is that your treasure lies in your heart. Who you are is always more important than what you are. Work on yourself more than you work on anything else. Fail often, but get back up and try again. Asking for help is a sign of courage, not weakness.

I bought my first house aged 21, and then we moved aged approx. 30. In 2000, I emigrated to New Zealand to work as a Cabinet Maker making Grandfather clocks out of solid Oak.

Returning to North Wales – and finding a role as an office manager for a local engineering firm, I took out a mortgage on a house, only to have that role taken from me two weeks into a new mortgage (company takeover). I was lucky, and found a role with North Wales police, wearing the uniform and pounding the streets.

I then moved again into the house where I live now, with my wife and three children. Emily – my eldest daughter, lives in Canada.

I’ve done a lot of things – but I always wanted my own business. The opportunity came to set up on my own, and that’s what brings me here. Back in the day, my Sunday school teacher, Mr Wynn Davies, Nanthirwen, told me as a teenage boy to “Find something you really enjoy doing, then do it really well”. I was also told that if I only did what others do, I would only get what they got.

So if I wanted what they don’t have/can’t have, I had to do what they won’t do/can’t do. So no cutting corners, no cheapskate, no compromise on quality.

To be continued…

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